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Puerto Rico

In February 2010 we took a long weekend trip to Puerto Rico. Unfortunately we got 5 days of more or less continuous rain before it finally let up the last day.

Lived in San Juan with its charming old town and massive El Castillo San Felipe del Morro. Great to just walk little city alleys and have coffee or some food in one of the many cafes, pubs and restaurants.

Drove the narrow little country lanes through the beautiful hills that almost looks like they could be in Switzerland or Austria. The karst hills are pretty spectacular and remind me quite a lot about southern Thailand. There sure is quite a diverse geography for such a small island.

Hiked up the mountain El Yunque in a relentless drizzle. Real nice day hike and the view must be fantastic on a clear day. Maybe another time...

Went on a trip of the Bio Bay which was quite a spectacle. Once your eyes get used to the dark you can really see the glow in the water. You can even pick up the plankton and for a few seconds your hands glow. I've seen similar phenomena while diving in Asia but never as intense as this. Well worth the rather long drive for a full evening trip.