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Point Reyes

In October 2010 our new home finally started to get in order and we made a day trip up to Point Reyes National Seashore. It was a clear and warm day in San Francisco and since Point Reyes is often very windy and foggy it was a good chance to see the place before the autumn gets colder.

We drove all the way up to the northern park of the park where the Tomales Point Trail offers 9.5 mile hike to the northern tip of the peninsula. It's a beutiful trail along the seashore with an open landscape with grass and low vegetation that reminds me about Scotish Moors or the Swedish highlands.

Along the trail you can see quite large herds of the local Tule Elk that look quite similar to the raindeers up in the mountains in my old home country Sweden, bringing back fond memories from the hikes I did when younger.

We had a great hike with clear skies, sun and chilly but pleasant temperatures. The constant wind was a bit of a bother though and I ended up tying my thin sweater around my head like a turban to get the wind out of my ears. I'm going to find me a hat with some kind of ear flaps for my next trip.

On the way home we rested our tired legs with some delicious barbequed Drakes Bay oysters and a beer at the little shop in the village Inverness.