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Biscayne Boat Ride, Florida

In July 2009 we did a long day trip with boat down to Biscayne National Park. My colleague was kind enough to lend us the use of his Boston Whaler. I believe it is a 210 Ventura with a 225hp outboard.

We started out at about 8:30am since around here the ocean is usually very still in the early morning. This allowed us to keep good speed all the way down to Key Biscayne for a late breakfast at the Boaters Grill. Took us a little over 2 hours for this leg of the trip.

After breakfast we toured the Stiltsville houses for a while. You're not supposed to enter the houses but with a private boat you can cruise up close and get a good look at them.

We then headed south across Biscayne Bay. The GPS plotter didn't work due to some antenna connector fault so I had to rely on my old skippers exam from Sweden and navigate the large bay by chart and bearings alone. Harder than I remember when you're at the helm and bumping around in the waves, I guess I've been spiled with GPS and both car and boat nowadays.

Finally found the little buoys for the inlet to Boca Chita Key. Beautifull little island that I'd like to explore, but the heavy rains in the weeks before our trip made the place mosquito infested. After 10 minutes at the island we had to pack up and head off. I'll be back in winter when it's colder.

Zipped around the sand bard and smaller islands for a while before heading back towards Miami. In Miami we took a tour of the Miami River. The river is rather poluted and gritty but it's interesting to see that there's still some little fisherman's wharfs and docks left. Quite a contrast between the modern highrises and the the old Miami. I sure hope they modernise it with care and allow public access along the river bank and it could turn into a real nice area.

Out of the river we zipped along a rather fast strech of the Intracoastal to Haulover where we went out onto the ocean again. Despite being a pretty calm day the ocean was rough enough to make for a rather bumpy ride home. A 21' boot is a bit on the small side to comfortably tackle the open ocean even though we're rather sheltered behind Bahamas.