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Phuket and Krabi, Thailand

Before relocating to cold Chicago we managed to get ourself a break in the sun in Phuket and Krabi in Thailand.

We catched up with my old buddy Daniel and his girlfriend Mam in Phuket to celebrate New Year together. We had a few good days in the sun, but a breakin into our bungalow put a little dampener on our mode. Unlike our nasty misshap in New Zealand they didn't get hold of our passports though which really saved my day.

We've been to Phuket and Krabi so many times now it almost feels like 'home.' The place really has a lot going for it, even though it is a bit overdeveloped and you occassionally get stuck in overpriced underperforming tourist traps.

Sitting in a cold, snowy and windy January Chicago writing this, the pictures sure does look pretty nice. Longing for summer...