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Indiana Dunes , USA

Early July 2007 we did a day trip from Chicago down to the Indiana Dunes State Park.

We started out at around 8am and after a surprisingly smooth hour and 15 minutes we arrived at the park. We picked up a trail map from the nature center where we also parked the car and went for a long hike.

Walked started down trail 2 which is a fair walk through the marsh behind the dunes, parts of it on boardwalks. Beautifull and quiet nature trail with flowers, bird and even a growling racoon keeping us company. This then connected to trail 10 which makes a loop the end of the park and then you walk along the beack back.

Took us some 3 hours and my mid day on the beach it was pretty warm. Good hike but should probably have done it in reverse to hike the beach while cooler and then back in the shade of the forest.