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October 2007 we did a short weekend trip down to Barbados. We had heard quite a bit about the place from my old time friend from Singapore who's visited the place a few times and is even considering investing there.

Quite a flight from Chicago via Miami so somewhat of a stretch for a weekend trip but we enjoyed ourselves for sure. Barbados has a lot of natural beauty with some amazing beaches with very few people.

The island reminds me quite a lot of Asia (Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia) but it is much quieter with a very limited night life and none of the red light stuff you often see at least in Thailand. A good place for a family visit if you want to stay on the beach and enjoy the good weather but don't expect much else. Another thing to keep in mind is that the place imports almost everything (at least those things used in tourism) and therefore is rather expensive. I can easily find as good or better food for much less here in gritty Chicago than in Barbados.

We stayed at a rather small and simple but very good hotel called Silver Point Hotel. Seems like the cab drivers know it is Silver Rock which is perhaps the old name for the place. It is located at a quiet stretch of the south coast rather close to the airport.We rented a little car (Suzuki Jimney) from Drive-A-Matic. Smooth and good service so can recommend them for sure.

For the next two days we drove ourselves around the island exploring the place. Spent one day along the west coast with the towns and the north point and then looping back for the mandatory fried fish at Oistins (the marlin is the best I reckon). The second day we drove up the more rough but naturally beautiful east coast.

In short a beautifully tranquil place for the comfortable wealthy but probably better skip it if you're on a backpacking budget.