Yengo National Park

We spent boxing day 2003 with a little expedition up to Yengo National Park situated NW of Sydney.

We have picked up a book 4WD Treks Close to Sydney (Boiling Billy Publications) which describes 16 tours within day or weekend trip distance. We decided to try one of these out with the addition of some NSW Land and Property Information maps (they have a map shop conveniently located about 30m from where I work). Went up to Wisemans Ferry which is a good picknick spot and took the ferry over Hawkesbury River.

From there we went on to the little town of St Albans with it old Settlers Arms Inn. Looked like agreat place to spend a chilly winter evening in front of a fire. We'll put it on out list of things to do. The track pretty much follows the old Great North Road built in the 1820s with convict labour. Some stretches of the road is still left and looking at it sure makes you think about the hardships endured building it.

From here on the road got a bit rougher on Simpson and Boree Track. The little Rav4 kept up pretty well which was good to see. Vanny also gave it a go!

The highlight was a short trek up to Devils Rock with its views of the area. There's supposedly some Aboriginal rock engravings but we didn't find them. Next time perhaps...

Hawkesbury River

Wisemans Ferry


river crossing

old cemetery

Settlers Arms Inn

part of Great North

little bluey

Devils Rock

Devils Rock


struggling uphill