In the end of September 2002 we made a little weekend trip to Paris with our old time Singapore friends Micke and Marina.

We had only one evening and a full day to explore this large city, but we managed to get around quite a bit thanks to the subway system.

Versailles and the Eiffel tower was very impressive, but what I really liked was the older part of town with the buildings, shops and cafes. My impression is that the city is pretty crowded, expensive and expensive. This might have been because we only had a day to explore it. Perhaps if you go off the beaten track there is more genuine charm.

Nevertheless, the city is beautifull and it was great to see it!

warming up with
wine in the room

me to

impressive displays
of seafood

Vanny in our
wood panelled room

Vanny and Versailles

the team

sun king

we took a mini
train through the

Marina and Vanny
in front of Luis
little cabin in the

in between the
colons me and Vanny

view of the

view up to the castle

the crowded but
fast train to town

view of Seine and
its bridges and boats

yet another picture
of the Eiffel tower

lots of iron

very light

thr girls in front
of the triumph arc

me dito

Vanny acting show
girl at the Renault shop

one of the many stairs
in Montmartre

charming cafes
can still be found in
between the tourist traps

view from Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur with its
famous domes

Sacre Coeur

charming old houses

tired but happy team