Honey Moon

During the first two weeks of April 2001 me and my wife went for a honey moon in Krabi province in Thailand. We combined sunny days on the beach with adventures like scuba diving, cajaking and car and bike trips of the region.

Our friend Stefan Hellkvist joined us for the first part of our trip, diving the Similan islands. You can check out his pictures from that trip at, under section 'My stay in Singapore, Similan'.

set 1 | set 2

a view from a cave

on our way

Vanny working hard
with the paddle

paddling through caves

more cave

the end of the swamp,
40 meter cliffs

vegging while eating
our snacks

our guides

cave entrance to
cave lake

Vanny working on
her tan

at a Buddist temple

the small dwellings
of the monks

meditating in a cave

Vanny walking so slow
she got entangled by
the vegetation

huge and holy tree

Phang Nga bay trip

water edge caves

taking a well earned
pause in the heat

Vanny encouraging me
to keep up the good

busy cave