Vanessa and I joined in on Alan's dive festival III to Manado in North Sulawesi (map) March 14-18 2000.

Manado offered some excellent diving with lots of sharks, turtles, sea snakes etc. Unfortunately the weather was very rainy and windy during our stay which dampened our mood a bit. The resort we stayed in, NDC, was the first dive centre opened in Manado. The good thing with the place is that it is run by locals and that the money stays with them. The bad thing is that they've been hit by the Asia crisis and haven't managed to keep the resort in good shape. The dive masters are knowledgeble and helpful, but accomodation, food and athmosphere is not up to standards.

[2003 - I see from their web site NDC is still up and running. Hopefully the recovery after the crisis will have improved conditions. If you're interested in diving Manado you'll find some usefull info at Asian Diver's article on Mando.]

I've found many useful Indonesia links at A Regional Directory of Indonesia.

on our way

in Manado,
eating coconut

pertty girl with flower

NDC jetty

Vanny posing

Vanny and the
NDC man