In October 2001 we had another go Kinabalu in Sabah, Borneo, Indenesia. We were hoping that this time we would be able to see the sun rise from the top of the mountain. The last trip was a pretty wet one.

Seems like we haven't made enough sacrifices for the mountain gods, because this trip also provided us with plenty of cold, cloudy and rainy weather. Me and Vanessa stayed in the hut this time instead of going the final trip up to the top. At least we were blessed with a partial view of the sun rise through the clouds...

I think this was the final time I climb this mountain. Gotta find some dry mountain for my next trip.

on our way to
the mountain, already
in clouds

some of the team

Vanny pointing out
the winning time in
the climbaton

cloudy views

a rare clear view

a very cold girl

3 am sun rise

more sun rise

cold but beautifull



trying different path

a stream


a not so impressive
cave we fought our
way to

panorama of sun rise