Project Aware

Photos from the Project Aware trip sponsored by Goldman Sachs to Pulau Hantu, 7 March 2000. Our participation in the PADI Aware project was to clean up the coral reefs surrounding the Singapore southern island Pulau Hantu. Amazing enough there's quite a lot of wild life here, 100 m from huge refineries and oil deposits in the worlds second most busy harbour.

We didn't manage to collect very much trash, but we did have an excellent day diving and enjoying ourself on the Vincent dive boat (I really liked the food:).


the team embarks
MV Vincent

signing some forms
we didn't read first..

people get comfy
on the boat

our sister boat
carrying non divers

traversing the busy
waters of the harbour

Angeline putting on
a sour face

Vanny keeping
the watch for pirates

nice view...

our non divers
catching up

Pulau Hantu

commotion when one
of the dinghys capsized

eating the excellent
lunch served by Vincent

Hantu again

'Maggie Me' getting
ready for a dip

who's this handsome

tough dude getting
ready for some silt

Angel with her new
set of designed specs

dudes in the water

late as usual...

Angel and Manny
return with meager catch

Me and Hana doing
some serious floating

Me, Hana and Mag
in post dive posing for
the cheering crowd

leaving Pulau Hantu
behind us

tired crew members

more tired crew

Unloading the boat

girlie posing
on the jetty

group photo

Panorame show of
Pulau Hantu