Home Sweet Home

Here are some pictures that I have taken in Singapore. Not very many yet, but I'll try to fill in more when I have time (and access to the nice little digital camera we have in the lab).

tlounge.jpg 1.7K
A view of my lounge room

ttable.jpg 1.9K
A view of the dining area

tview1.jpg 2.8K
A view out the window

tview2.jpg 2.9K
Another view out the window

tPIC00007.jpg 3.0K
Pool view

tPIC00008.jpg 2.7K
Pool view

trainview.jpg 1.8K
A rainy view,
the sun's not shining always

tolle.jpg 3.6K
That's me in a so
called hawker court,
very local la...

toffice.jpg 2.0K
View from office

tofficethunder.jpg 1.8K
One of the
frequent thunderstorms

tPIC00003.jpg 2.9K
My little cubicle

tPIC00004.jpg 2.8K
The rented car that hardly survived
two flat tires,one broken off key in lock,
and a dead air con

tPIC00005.jpg 3.0K
Old chinese cemetary
close to home

tPIC00006.jpg 3.3K
Old graves