A walk around McRitchie Reservoar

Singapore is a very crowded place, and beeing used to wide open spaces in Sweden and Australia I sometimes feel a bit claustrofobic. At least there's a few parks in the city. Not really wild rain forrest and peace and quite... rather pretty crowded places where you can still see the endless rows of high rise buildings if you lift your eyes off the track. But, anyway, it's better than nothing.

This Sunday afternoon me and my cooleagues Jelly and Andreas with his son Jonas went for a walk around the McRitchie reservoar. It's a pretty nice walk in some forrest which is not to badly cultivated. The main attraction of this park is the plentitude of monkies that stray around. They're pretty cool to watch. Just don't feed them, because in Singapore signs with warnings truely means that you _will_ be fined.

The monkies are not affraid of people at all. They can even be a bit aggressive or at least the dominant males show of a bit by snarling at by passers. For some reason they are more aggressive towards women then men, perhaps because the women tend to give a better response to their show:)

tPIC00012.jpg 3.1K
Jelly is taking a closer look

tPIC00011.jpg 3.0K
Jelly retreating

tPIC00009.jpg 2.7K

tPIC00010.jpg 3.5K
A quite dinner

tPIC00013.jpg 2.5K
A bridge with twists,
very chineese

tPIC00014.jpg 2.9K
Cooleagues watching
snake getting consumed
by turtles

tPIC00015.jpg 3.5K
More monkeys

tPIC00016.jpg 2.5K
We tried to keep
in the shade since
it was pretty hot

tPIC00017.jpg 3.1K
Jelly on a branch

tPIC00018.jpg 2.7K
Exploring the shore

tPIC00031.jpg 3.6K
Fat lizard in tree

tPIC00021.jpg 1.9K
Truely huge ant

tPIC00022.jpg 2.4K
Hard to understand
how big this ant
is on a photo

tPIC00023.jpg 2.0K
That's mr Ant again

tPIC00027.jpg 4.2K
Fat lizard

tPIC00028.jpg 4.1K
Fat lizard

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