Fjällbacka to Norway

Summer 98 I was back from Australia. Pretty mucg right away I went down to Fjällbacka in Bohuslän on the Swedish west coast. There I met up with old buddy Peter Bergman and his girlfriend (now wife...) Ulrika. We spent the first week bumming around in very picturesque Fjällbacka (see pics below) and diving for two days. Later on a few more people joined up for a week of sailing.

We hired a pretty large boat and set sails for Norway. Along the Swedish coast we stopped in Strömstad, which is a pretty much full on party town during summer. We then headed on into enemy territory. After a somewhat rough leg on open sea, where we of course spotted a few gigantic crusers payed by their oil money, we arrived in Töntberg. We spent the night intoxicating our self in some rather blend place a few of us headed on to a place which played great techno stomp.

The morning after everyone felt a bit tired. It might have been the jet lag or just the fact that the exotic food seemd to have gotten to our stomachs. Anyway, towards lunch time we recovered and climbed up the hill overlooking the city. There we found the old ruins of a fort that the Swedes burnt down in some ancient century. This cheered us up, and with new pride we strode the streats in search of proviant.

All in all this was an excellent week, and I'm definitely up for future sailing expediations.

tsail4.jpg 1.7K

tsail9.jpg 2.2K

tsail.jpg 2.4K
As we say in Swedish,
salt boys,
salta gossar

tsail8.jpg 2.2K
Nice tilt

tsail2.jpg 2.7K
A Swan family
paid us a visit

tsail3.jpg 3.2K
More visits from birds

tsail5.jpg 1.8K
At anchor for the night

tsail6.jpg 2.0K
Is she a beauty or what?

tsail10.jpg 1.7K
Norway, and the ruins
of an old fort that
the Swedes burnt down,
1-0 to Sweden

tsail7.jpg 1.5K
A malicious photo of me
when I desperately tried to start
the outboarder on
the little dinghy