Dive Trip to Sharm El Sheikh

To escape the usual cold and dark November month in Sweden we headed off for diving in the Red Sea. The Sharm El Sheikh area in the Red Sea offers some excellent dives. It has been popular for quite some time, but still offer some of the best diving in the World. The fact that Egypt has created marine parks in the area helps preserve the reefs so rich in life.

Thanks to the many trecherous reefs there is also a plentitude of wrecks in the area. One of them, the Thistlegorm, was a allied ship during WWII. She was sank by a German bomber and now provides excellent diving. The dives on the wreck was the some of the absolutely best dives I've had!

The trip was an amazing one, and I can really recommend this place. The only downside with the trip for me was that I got _very_ sick in the stomach. I could hardly eat anything for several days, which made me rather weak, but I also felt pretty much ready to throw up in the reg most of the time. Managed not to, which I'm happy about:)

We spent four days on a boat diving different sites in the area before taking two days ashore to rest and play in the sun. We hired our own boat one of the days and went off for fishing and snorkling. Pretty nice to cruise around in a jacht... We had a great day! Everyone of us got his own Tuna, one off which the crew used to prepare a delicous lunch for us.

The snorkling was amazing and at least for me pretty exciting. Just before heading back to the boat we spotted a big fish a a coral head. My friends tried to take some photoes of it with the camera we had. However, the fish hidd in the coral (see pick below) so we didn't get any good shots. My friends got bored and started heading back to the boat, but I reckoned that I should give it another try. I swam down and stayed for as long as I could to wait it out. Since I am not a world class free diver I had to give up after a while and head for the surface. But!! The fish now totally changed tactics. I guess it reckoned that since I was now alone, I was an easy target. The fish came with obvious intention to bite me and I had to kick at him to keep him off. I thought he would give up soon, but no! I had to swim backwards, keeping my eyes on him and kicking him when he attacked for several minutes before he gave up. Phuh!

I later learned that the fish was a Titan Triggerfish which is notoriously aggresive and can give very nasty bites. Well, a good lesson I guess. A good motivation to put in some more study about the marine life...

tred1.jpg 2.8K
A very sick Olle

tred9.jpg 2.8K
Highly professional
dive buddies

tred7.jpg 2.9K
Nice fishy?

tred8.jpg 2.4K
Titan trigger fish
that wants a bite

tred3.jpg 2.2K
This is how it looks
like under the jetty
at the hotel

tred4.jpg 2.4K
Fishing buddies

tred5.jpg 2.2K
This is how happy a
Swede gets with a
Tuna hooked

tred6.jpg 1.8K
That's me with my catch,
a very bloody Tuna