Sarek '96 Tour

The 1996 adventure was hiking in Sarek, Sweden's most wild and untouched national park. We (me, Neas and Jens) did a 8 day hike through this very scenic alpine area.

These are some pics from the trip that Neas scanned. Thers is also a text (in Swedish) written by Jens that I've ripped and placed here. Enjoy!

tsarek1.jpg 2.5K
Jens stumbling through
some *very* ice cold water

tsarek2.jpg 1.7K
That's me sliding down a
glacier on a plastic bag.
Full control of course...

tsarek3.jpg 2.8K
Jens enjoying a sunny moment
while making afternoon tea

tsarek4.jpg 2.2K
A revealing shot of Neas
when he tried to arrange
some cliffhanger action picture

tsarek5.jpg 2.0K
Evening dance with the mosquitos

tsarek6.jpg 1.3K
An amazing sunset.
No, I've not altered the colors in photoshop

tsarek7.jpg 2.1K
That'll be a raindeer
about 5m from Jens

tsarek8.jpg 2.1K
Impressive peak