Norway '95 Tour

The 1995 adventure was hiking in Jotunheimen, Norway. We (me, Neas and Jens) did a 7 day hike through this very scenic alpine area.

These are some pics from the trip that Neas scanned. Thers is also a text (in Swedish) written by Jens that I've ripped and placed here. Enjoy!

tnorge1.jpg 2.4K
Our first camp site,
beautiful but _very_ cold

tnorge2.jpg 2.3K
Two handsome chaps
in a very hot stone desert

tnorge3.jpg 2.5K
Olle exploring reasons not
to slide down glaciers
on plastic bags

tnorge4.jpg 2.5K
Our heroes on Scandinavias
highest peak, Galdhöpiggen

tnorge5.jpg 1.6K
Is that a UFO?
No, it's the peak we counquered
the day before

tnorge7.jpg 2.4K
A nice drop if you slip

tnorge8.jpg 2.3K
Is this beautiful or what?!

tnorge9.jpg 2.2K
Struggling up the slope