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Olle & Vanny's Plans

In this page I try to keep track of some of the activites we have planned.

Date Acticity Where Team Pics etc
  February? Visit Michael Home Me, Vanny, Michael, Marina, Emma  
  December Visit Erik Home Me, Vanny, Erik  
  November Visit Hans and family Home Me, Vanny, Hans, Maria, Isabella  
November Visit Susan and Gustaf Home Me, Vanny, Susan, Gustaf pics
May Business trip Sweden Me  
April Relocation USA Me, Vanny pics
Februari Day trip Galena, USA Me, Vanny pics
June Wedding SF, USA Me, Vanny pics
May Meet buddy NY, USA Me, Michael  
May SF office setup SF, USA Me pics
Jan Relocation Chicago, USA Me, Vanny pics
Jan Vacation Thailand Me, Vanny, Daniel and Mam pics
July Vacation Sweden Me and Vanny pics
June Work trip USA Me and Vanny pics
May Weekend trip Hong Kong Me and Vanny pics
May Vacation Darwin, Australia Me and Vanny pics
Apr Weekend trip Thailand Me, Vanny and Patrik's family pics
Feb Weekend trip Thailand Me, Casey and Håkan pics
Dec Short vacation Thailand Vanny, Susan and Willson pics
Sep Short vacation Thailand Me and Vanny pics
Jul Weekend trip Tioman, Malaysia Vanny, Casey and Iain pics
Jan Weekend trip Malacca Vanny, Daniel and Susan pics
20 Dec Back to Singapore Singapore Me  
Sep - Dec Work Chicago Me  
14 Sep Relocation to Singapore Singapore Me and Vanny  
2 Aug - 2 Sep Work Chicago Me  
4 - 16 July Work Chicago Me  
29 May - 13 Jun Vacation New Zealand Me and Vanny pics
1-2 May Weekend trip Melbourne Me and Vanny  
17-18 Apr Weekend trip Canberra Me and Vanny pics
end Nov Moving into appartment Sydney, Australia Me and Vanny pics
12-16 Nov Work and vacation Tokyo, Japan Me and Vanny pics
5 Oct Relocation arrival Sydney, Australia Me and Vanny  
3-5 Oct Transit Singapore Me and Vanny  
2 Oct Relocation departure Sydney, Australia Me and Vanny  
20-21 Sep Weekend trip Öregrund Me, Vanny, Daniel, Paula pics
2 Sep Arrival Sweden Vanny  
10-12 Jul London museums London, England Me and Hakon  
1-10 Jul Scotland trip Scotland Me, Stefan, Peter pics
19-22 Jun Midsummer Rättvik Me, Erik, Anna  
5 Jun Departure Singapore Vanny  
13-17 Mar Short trip Barcelona, Spain Me and Vanny pics
16-17 Nov Visit Rättvik, Sweden Me and Erik pics
24-31 Oct Vacation Crete, Greece Me and Vanny pics
28-30 Sep Weekend trip Paris Me, Vanny, Micke, Marina pics
16-18 Sep Business trip Slovenia Me
24-25 Aug Weekend trip Amsterdam Me, Vanny pics
15 Aug Vanny back Sweden Stockholm, Sweden Me, Vanny
29 July - 4 Aug Vacation London and Wales Me, Gareth & co pics
22-28 July Work trip Dublin, Ireland Me pics
15-16 June Fishing Öregrund, Sweden Me, Patrik and family
9 June Vanny Singapore trip until 15 Aug Singapore Vanny
4 June Bike license test Stockholm, Sweden Me
1 June Kolmården zoo Stockholm, Sweden Me and Vanny pics
25 May Hunting license test Stockholm, Sweden Me
31 Dec New Year party Stockholm, Sweden Me, Vanny, Hans, Maria pics
4 Aug Wedding Rättvik, Sweden Me, Vanny and of course Erik and Anna
23 July Batchelor Party Uppsala, Sweden Me, Erik & co pics
12-21 July Hiking Sarek, Sweden Me, Neas, Lindman, Stefan
29-30 June Family reunion Östersund, Sweden My extended family pics
9 June Class reunion Uppsala, Sweden My old hight school class, el3d@demesta.com
26-31 May Conferance & mini vacation London, UK Me, Vanny pics
15 May Moving Sweden Vanny
14 April Moving Sweden Me
31 March Honey moon (half at least :) Phuket, Thailand Me and Vanny pics
23 Feb Weekend trip Melacka Me, Stefan and Ola
3-12 Feb Visit Singapore + Malaysia Anna and Kurt Norell
3-10 Dec Meetings Stockholm Me
11-14 Nov Travel Bangkok Me
11-14 Nov Travel Bangkok Me
15 Oct - 18 Oct Climb Mount Kinnabalu Sabah, Malaysia Me, Vanny, Sangeet & others pics
15 Aug - 29 Aug Workshops and meetings Lund, Sthlm Me
30 Jul - 6 Aug Meetings Tokyo Me
1-14 July Vacation California, USA Me & Vannessa pics
12-30 June Work Palo Alto, USA Me  
8-9 June Java One SF, USA Me
5-7 June CommunicAsia Singapore Me, colleagues
13-14 May Diving, DM Course Pulau Aur FWSS
7 May PADI Project Aware dives Pulau Hantu, Singapore Me, Vanny & co pics
24 March - 20 April Work at Kista department Stockholm, Sweden Me
14-18 March Whitetip dive fest III Manado, Indonesia Whitetip pics
9-10 Mar Department Retreat Desaru, Malaysia Colleagues
8 March Visit Singapore Simon Cornish
6-7 Mar Sun Technology Days Singapore Colleagues
4-5 Mar Diving, DM Course Pulau Aur FWSS
26 Feb Wakeboarding Singapore, Pungol Marina Buddies pics
5-11 Feb Chinese New Year Trip Melacka, KL, Penang Vanessa pics
28-29 Jan Hiking, climbing Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia Colleagues pics
27 Jan White water rafting Padas River, Sabah, East Malaysia Colleagues pics
24-26 Jan Work Shop Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia Work  
5-19 Jan Visit Singapore + ? Mom
8 - 25 Dec Visit Singapore + Mal + Thai Neas (Andreas Ekström) & Gustaf Holmkvist pics
3 Dec - Visit Singapore + ? Gustaf Holmkvist, Martin Wikborg & girlfriend
29 Nov - 6 Dec Usability conf + meetings Sweden Me
28 Nov Arin's wedding Singapore Me, Hans
20-21 Nov Diving, DM Course Aur FWSS
6-8 Dec Diving, Rescue Course Aur FWSS
23-24 Oct Diving, Rescue Course Aur FWSS
14-18 Oct Diving Anambas, Indonesia Dive buddies Geraldine &.co. pics
7-9 Oct Planning Conferance Kuala Lumpur CyberLab
6 Oct IANTD EANx Diver Course (Nitrox) Singapore Me
2-3 oct Diving Tioman, Malaysia Peter Bergman, Hans, Jelly
23-24 Sep GPRS Course KL, Malaysia Me
21 Sep - 4 oct Visit Singapore Peter Bergman
17-19 Sep Diving, Clean up trip Pulau Aur, Malaysia FWSS, Diving Buddies
11-18 Sep Visit Singapore Annika
4-5 Sep Diving, PADI Rescue Pulau Aur, Malaysia FWSS  
5 Sep - 1 Dec Visit (working) Singapore + ? Hans Hall
2 Sep Practical test (Motorcycle) Singapore Me, myself and I
27-29 Aug Diving Pulau Dayang, Malaysia Dive Buddies  
18 Aug - 28 Aug Visit Singapore + Malaysia Hanna Norell (kusin vitamin) and boyfriend Martin
16-19 Aug PADI Rescue/First Aid (evenings) Singapore FWSS
6-10 Aug Diving Redang, Malaysia Friends from whitetip trip
31 Jun-1 Aug Diving Mapor Island, Indonesia Heiko, colleague from CA pics
10 July Power Boat License Test, Practical Singapore Me
28 June Riding Theory Test (Motorcycle) Singapore Me
26 June Power Boat License Test, Theory Singapore Me
12-20 June Conferance, JavaOne SF, USA Jens Lindman, and colleagues
8-12 June Conferance Stockholm, Sweden Me and a few colleagues from CyberLab
3-6 June Diving Pulau Aur, Malaysia Local dive team (#scubadivers) pics
22-23 May Diving (PADI AOW) Pulau Aur, Malaysia Michael and Marina Hjelm, Jelly pics
8-9 May Power Boat Course Singapore Me